Medical info

Maine camelid veterinarians:

A good vet is worth their weight in gold. Take time to find a vet you trust and work well with. The more you know about your animals, the more the vet can help you. Educate yourself and learn to do basic herd health procedures. If you can’t find a camelid experienced vet in your area, find a large animal vet willing to learn, and provide them with reference materials. The Maine Alpaca Association has a veterinary fund that helps vets complete continuing education; any vet serving a MAA member is eligible. Other regional organizations may offer similar incentives.

Medical supply resources:

Medical items to keep on hand:
Please be sure to consult with your veterinarian, who will help you determine what items and medications you should have on hand at all times. Items marked with an asterisk can be obtained through your veterinarian.

Wound Care
Sheet Cotton or Quilt Wrap
Roll Cotton
Vet-Wrap or Ace Bandage (also useful for wrapping tails during breeding)
Gauze Roll (stretch type) 2″ and 4″
Gauze Pads
Bandaging Tape
Telfa Pads
Bandage Scissors
Triple Antibiotic Cream
Blood-Stop (styptic powder for minor wounds)
Swat or similar (to keep flies off healing wounds)

Cria care and birthing
ADE paste (rickets prevention)
Betadine or Nolvasan scrub
Nolvasan dip (for navel)
Film canister (for dipping navel)
Cord clip or dental floss (to tie off cord if necessary)
Alcohol (Isopropyl)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Children’s Fleet Enema (to help cria pass meconium only if necessary)
60cc Catheter tip syringe (for tube feeding or direct feeding)
Feeding Tube (10 or 12 French) (in rare event tube feeding is needed)
OB gloves
Lubricating Jelly (lots!)
Hair dryer
Terry towels
Light Karo Syrup (for hypoglycemic crias)
Camelid plasma (only if your vet does not routinely stock plasma)

General health supplies
3cc and 6cc syringes
18 and 20 gauge needles
Kaolin-pectin (for digestive upset)
B-12 Complex (increase appetite, overall health)
Thiamine* (for treating polioencephalomalacia, stimulating appetite)
Banamine* (anti inflammatory)
Bio Sponge (diarrhea)
Probiotics (stimulate appetite, protect gut health during stress)
Activated charcoal (poison absorption)
Epinephrine* (allergic reaction)
Sterile saline eye wash

Skin care
NuStock skin ointment (for hair loss)
Desitin ointment (for hair loss)

Penicillin* (antibiotics)
Naxcel* (antibiotics)
SMZ-TMP tablets (antibiotics, coccidia)
Terramycin (eye ointment)
Triple Antibiotic Eye Ointment (w/o steroids)

Parasite control
Corid, Albon or Baycox (first two are coccidiostats, Baycox is coccidiocide)
Ivermectin or Dectomax (meningal worm prevention)
Panacur/Safeguard (gut parasite control)
Equimax (tapeworm control)
Valbazen (gut parasite control if resistant to panacur)

Oxygen bottle or Abu-bag
Restraining chute
IV fluids

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